RISE will offer a number of corporate and retail services that will make a start in raising awareness about the undeserved stealing funds.

Shielding Service

RISE-CVF will endorse projects using our "shielding" service. 

The RISE shield  of approval is called emblematic. 

To receive the RISE shield of approval, platforms will need to adhere to our standards of legitimacy. Our standards are the industry security standards used across the blockchain. 

Using the "Four Pillars Standard"  We will establish beyond a shadow of doubt if a platform meets the requirements of project safety and is safe for the retail investors. 

Fin-Tech platforms carrying the RISE and Emblematic phoenix shield with a unique platform number will be considered safe.

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RISE is currently working a series of courses for both corporate and retail investors.

Check back later, the courses below are  currently under development.

White Label Investment Broker Fraud.

Arbitrage Crypto Scams.

Liquidity Mining Scams.

The Underserved Accumulation Of Digital Wealth

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As the charity becomes more and more popular, keep an eye out for our events. 

Currently we are considering cocktail parties. country music events, 
Beat the barista coffee events, we want RISE events to he fun and memorable so watch out for 2023 when we officially the launch the RISE Events schedule.

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