"On The Rise" 
Our Charity Activity Diary and News

At RISE we never sit still, sometimes our activities in the fraud community might be big or small but you can read about them here.

Imposters Beware and Be Aware. 

Ever been tweeted by a well known influencer? Be careful, this social media scam is on the rise. Read about how we dealt with two such imposters.

Forbes recently called white label brokers using MetaQuotes software MetaTrader 4/5 (MT4/5) as a way to legitimise themselves and scam people is now a super scam. Due to the sheer volume of complaints we have received about this company, RISE will dedicate its own section to the on going saga with MetaQuotes with update on how RISE are advising Google on the modus operandi of this company that continues to ignore regulators and customer complains alike. 

Arbitrage Scams

Originally highlighted by HLT Ltd, read about this Nigerian ponzi and the latest Arbitrage scams Robot Wallet and Afriqe Arbitrage System AAS.

UK Law Commission DAO Call For Evidence Consultation

Due to our proximity to crypto assets and our in-depth knowledge of how DAO's are used to fraud people. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this very important historic process which will hopefully lead to regulative procedures that can safely govern crypto assets for many years.

Our perspective is people safety and making crypto assets safe and how to stamp out the rampant fraudulent exploitation of defi.