RISE - The Charity For Victims Of Fraud 

After many months of work, the Victims of Fraud Charity has now logged its application to the UK Charity Commission. As we have planned the structure of the charity, we decided to rebrand the charity as RISE. 

We believe in taking action with urgency and care to serve those who need us most. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. It’s time to make real change.

We did this because our funding strategy will be in part, funded from NFT's. Unlike any other NFT project, the profits from the NFT's will be completely used by the charity for the purposes of supporting victims of fraud. These are the people that have been left with nothing due to being scammed. 

Rise provides a positive connotation which can be used more easily within the sphere of NFT creation and it allows the NFT artists to use the word Rise to popularise the brand on the digital art world. 

RISE will create personalised donation certificates as NFT’s. The idea here is that an exclusivity can be generated by auctioning the first 10 donation certificates. The first certificate will be one of a kind, the second certificate will be two of a kind the third, three of kind etc. 

Further NFT’s will be created for the first donator to pledge different amounts from £100 up to £100,000. A NFT certificate can then also be created for any amount that a donator pledges. The certificates can be used in the Metaverse and placed in virtual properties.


To enable the charity to properly synergise and immerse itself within the NFT stratosphere, it is imperative that a logo and characterisation is a vital commodity to create the correct foundational branding and characterisation.

A good NFT, branding and series needs to have some form characterisation to create a clear image series that people can relate to. Also, as the charity will use donation certificates

RISE will have a phoenix logo, in the non-digital world, the phoenix idea arrives from the “rise like a phoenix” metaphor because we want our beneficiaries to rise like a phoenix when receiving the support they need.

Therefore, the RISE phoenix will have a character name, Esri. (pronounced Ez-ri)

Esri will have an NFT series named after him. Esri will also be evident on the donation certificates and will deliver the certificates to our donators. NFT’s can be looped on a digital timeframe and will be staged in the following narrative.

When a donator opts for the NFT certificate. A digital sequence will be recorded, the donator will see a phoenix at first rising up, in his talons Esri will have the certificate and will fly towards the digital camera getting slowly larger as he gets closer Esri will then open the certificate to show the amount donated, the donation number and the donators name and of course our gratitude. This is the basic concept and our artist will deliver his art based on these requirements.

As we have now received our application ID from the charity commission, we can begin the phase 1 round of funding.

Phase 1 round of funding is designed to generate the initial setup of the charities operational requirements. 

Phase 2 will hopefully coincide with the charities full approval from the Charity Commission to call ourselves a legitimate charity and work for the public good. This is when the NFT donation certificates will start to be produced.

For the donators who prefer have a non-digital certificate, we will also send a framed donation certificate along with a t-shirt and various RISE merchandise.

Other projects to monetise the project is still being developed and considered.